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Minneapolis, MN


University of Minnesota


Joined July 2014


A Day in the Life

8:45Arrive at work and catch up on and reply to any urgent emails
9:00Browse headlines for any major transactions and send related articles around to industry team
9:30Grab a coffee with other analysts
10:00Draft Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) for sell-side M&A assignment for a beauty & personal care company, which involves:

  • Searching company-provided materials for information relevant to potential investors
  • Working with the CFO to request, organize and synthesize documents to be used to create charts, diagrams and other content
  • Conducting industry research on historical and projected size of market, major competition, industry trends and consumer demographics
12:00Participate in financial diligence call for co-managed IPO, taking notes to be distributed to the broader Piper Sandler deal team
12:30Participate in CIM drafting call with the company, reviewing key growth initiatives
1:30Pick up lunch with other analysts
2:00Continue to work on a pitch for the potential sell-side of an apparel retailer, which involves:

  • Presenting Piper Sandler’s qualifications, experience and prior transactions within the industry
  • Preparing company valuation with discounted cash flow, leveraged buyout analysis, public comparables analysis and M&A comparables analysis
  • Creating buyer profiles for potential strategic and financial buyers
3:30Review pitch with associate, turn comments and send out to the deal team for final signoff
4:00Grab a coffee with other analysts
4:15Continue creating new slides for a Management Presentation for the sell-side M&A assignment of a beverage company, send revised draft to client
6:00Receive final comments, finalize and print pitch
6:45Order dinner with other analysts
7:30Organize diligence files from company and upload to data room
8:30Check ESPN for sports scores or watch overtime game
9:00Incorporate comments and changes from CIM drafting session
11:00Distribute revised version of CIM and set up next drafting call
11:05Head home

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