Electronic Trading

A complete algorithmic trading solution

Our conflict free model and performance based routing provides our clients with a unique and transparent offering. 

Piper Sandler provides a complete algorithmic trading solution that is focused on optimizing the trade execution process. We are dedicated to consistently exceeding the goals of our diverse client base by providing exceptional execution, proven and reliable technology, and superior support and service.

The Piper Sandler Algorithmic Difference

Piper Sandler’s electronic trading group (ETG) has been at the forefront of providing electronic trading strategies to the institutional investing community. Piper Sandler has utilized its deep market structure and quantitative expertise to deliver a full suite of single and portfolio-based strategies, pre and post-trade analytics, sophisticated anti-gaming logic and custom algorithmic development. Our algorithmic offering includes: liquidity seeking, adaptive, dark pool aggregation and schedule based strategies. Best-in-class service and support are provided by a team of highly experienced professionals including institutional traders and quantitative analysts.