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180 N. Stetson Ave.
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Chicago, IL 60601
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Saint Louis, MO 63105
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Piper Sandler Companies announces sale of Advisory Research, Inc.
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Advisory Research was founded in 1974 on the principles of value investing and the commitment to provide premier investment strategies and the best in client service. For over 40 years, the firm’s time-tested, disciplined investment approach has been focused on preserving and increasing clients’ assets.

Advisory Research's strategies span a range of market capitalizations, geographies and investment styles, but all focus on the goal of building portfolios we believe in and helping to achieve our clients' long-term investment goals. Advisory Research seeks to produce attractive risk-adjusted returns for clients through in-depth research and a diligent investment process.

The firm’s roster of clients includes a global list of institutional investors and sophisticated high-net-worth individual investors. Advisory Research offers separate account management as well as several mutual funds.

U.S. Value Equity Strategies

  • Small Cap Value
  • Small/Mid Cap Value
  • All Cap Value

U.S. Growth Equity Strategies

  • Small Cap Growth
  • Mid Cap Growth
  • Large Cap Growth
  • All Cap Growth
  • Concentrated Growth

International Value Equity Strategies

  • International Small Cap Value
  • Emerging Markets Opportunities

Global Equity Strategies

  • Global Sustainable Dividend
  • U.S. Sustainable Dividend
  • European Sustainable Dividend
  • U.S. Small Cap Blue Chip
  • Canada Blue Chip

MLP & Energy Infrastructure Strategies

  • MLP Equity
  • MLP Balanced

Advisory Research, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Piper Sandler Companies.