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Suja Life, LLC

Piper Sandler served as exclusive financial advisor to Suja Life, LLC on significant equity investment from the Coca-Cola Company and Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division.

Client Description

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in San Diego, California, Suja is a manufacturer and marketer of ultra‐premium juice products. All products are organic, non‐GMO and treated with high pressure processing (HPP), a technology that extends shelf life while maintaining the taste profile of fresh juice and enabling the retention of nutrients. The company continues to have a leading presence in the natural channel and has successfully begun its expansion into conventional retail. In addition to having industry‐leading products, Suja has become a lifestyle brand with a cult following.

Counterparty Description

The Coca‐Cola Company (NYSE: KO) is the world’s largest beverage company. Coca‐Cola owns or licenses and markets more than 500 nonalcoholic beverage brands. Beverage products bearing Coca‐Cola's trademarks are sold in more than 200 countries. Through a network of company‐owned or controlled bottling and distribution operations as well as independent bottling partners, distributors, wholesalers and retailers, Coca‐Cola is able to provide 1.9 billion servings of beverages to the world every day.

Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division is the primary center for Goldman Sachs' long-term principal investing activity. Based in New York, NY, Goldman Sachs MBD invests across a broad range of geographies, industries and transaction types. Goldman Sachs seeks to help companies grow into market leaders and create long‐term value for their customers, partners and shareholders.