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K-12 Education

Your strategic partner for K-12 education finance

No. 2

In the nation by par amount of bonds issued over the last five years*

$30.8 B

In par amount over the last five years*


K-12 education bonds issued in 2021

As one of the fastest-growing practices in the industry, we have the national scope and local expertise to provide tailored services that meet your unique goals. Whether you're looking to build a new facility or refinance debt, our dedicated team of experts are ready to deliver innovative financing solutions. 

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Why partner with us?

Piper Sandler continues to be a national leader in developing, implementing and executing cost effective financing solutions for school districts. We serve primary and secondary schools as both underwriter and financial advisor, and we have long-standing commitments to the districts we partner with. In 2021, our team managed, placed, or advised on 2,268 bond issues, providing $67.0 billion in financing to meet our clients' capital and infrastructure needs.*

*Competitive and negotiated long-term transactions, 2017-2021. 
Source: Thompson Reuters, as of 01/24/22.

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