Charter Schools

Together, we can help finance America's future.

Our focus is not simply the execution of the transaction at hand, but rather the delivery of superior client service and the establishment of enduring, long-term relationships.  

Our goal is to help charter schools afford a facility that meets their needs by providing the maximum amount of funds at the lowest overall cost.

Piper Sandler is able to finance a wide range of projects:

We provide financing solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. We listen to you first -- then create a financing plan to achieve your objectives.

How can we help your school?

Piper Sandler is one of the nation's top specialists in structuring tax-exempt bond issues to meet the needs of charter schools. Our team typically underwrites tax-exempt bonds issued as long-term fixed rate bonds. We have extensive debt financing experience in a wide variety of financing techniques including lease/purchase, variable rate installment sales.

We understand the needs of charter schools and how to present these needs to bond issuers, investors and rating agencies to achieve the most efficient financing possible.

Whether your school is large or small, we come to the table with financing solutions that make sense. We’ll help you manage long-term debt and structure bond issues that fit your unique capital needs.

Who's qualified?

Piper Sandler has completed more than 150 transactions for charter schools across the nation. This includes a wide variety of charter school structures:

Piper Sandler has successfully assisted charter schools across the country, from start-ups to large obligated groups, borrow between $3M to $100M or more withour equity requirements.

Dedicated Charter School Finance Team

Piper Sandler has a dedicated team of professionals who specializes in charter school finance.

All engagements are approached on a team basis, with a senior banker, support banker/analyst and investment research capabilities assigned to each client. Our team of experts brings extensive experience to the industry.

Meet Piper Sandler's charter schools team.