Fixed Income Strategy and Economic Publications


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Economic Analysis
A collection of timely updates on incoming economic data including snapshots, dashboards, and deep dives into economic themes.

Municipal Sector Reports
Periodic municipal sector reports including investment ideas, monthly sector analysis, the Relative State and the State of the States reports.

Bank Focused Reports
Periodic reports focusing on regulatory updates and investment ideas in the banking sector.

Specific Reports

Bond Market Focus
A weekly publication with investment ideas and current topics in the fixed income market.

Bond Market Outlook
A monthly publication analyzing the key, high quality fixed income markets for client decision making.

Capital Markets Update
A weekly publication designed for municipal issuers to evaluate key market levels and attractiveness of the issuance landscape.

Community Bank Strategies
A monthly publication for financial institutions to review changes in key regulatory and investment concerns.

Fixed Income Bulletin
Periodic deep dives into a current topic in the fixed income market.

Relative State and State of the States
Quarterly publications reviewing regional and state specific financial performance across the country.

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