Walter D. Lewis

Managing Director
Public Finance Investment Banking

Email  |  Tel: +1 205 414-7511

Walter D. Lewis joined Piper Sandler in 2015 as managing director in public finance in Alabama. After playing football at the University of Alabama, a four-year stint in the USFL and the NFL, and a three-year college coaching career from 1989 to 1992 (University of Alabama and University of Kentucky), he entered the securities industry in 1992 working for the public finance department of Compass Bank. While working for Compass Bank, he developed his technical skills in structuring municipal financings in approximately 33 transactions totaling over $500 million.

In 1996, Lewis joined Gardnyr Michael Capital, Inc. as senior vice president responsible for marketing and public finance activities in Mississippi, Florida and Alabama. During a 15-year period with Gardnyr Michael Capital, he managed over $17 billion in municipal underwritings. In August of 2012, Lewis and two others started Benchmark Securities, LLC. While with Benchmark Securities from 2012 to 2015 (two years, eight months), Lewis served as underwriter on $270,220,000 of sole managed transactions.

Since joining Piper Sandler as managing director, Lewis has served as lead banker on 49 senior/sole managed transactions for a total par amount of $607,450,000 and as lead banker for Piper Sandler on 11 co-managed transactions for a total par amount of $1.5 billion.

Lewis has a bachelor's degree in electrical Engineering from the University of Alabama.