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David Crosby

Senior Advisor, Merchant Banking

Email  |  Tel: +1 612 303-6300

David Crosby

David Crosby is a senior advisor in the merchant banking group and for the PSMB Fund II at Piper Sandler.

Crosby has extensive transaction experience and has been an investment banker at Piper Sandler since 1971. He directed the activities of the investment banking group for 19 years, and he has previously served on the management committee and board of directors for Piper Sandler Companies.

Crosby’s principal avocation since college has been investing in marketable equity securities. For the last 20 years, he has guided investments for his extended family. This role has been a natural extension of the experience he has gained as an investment banker.

Crosby has also been involved in many not-for-profit organizations where he has and continues to be involved on many investment and finance committees. These organizations have included: the Piper Sandler Retirement Committee, The McKnight Foundation, The Bush Foundation, University of Minnesota Investment Advisory Committee, Carolyn Foundation, Dunwoody College of Technology, Lakewood Cemetery, The Stevens Square Foundation, The Minneapolis Foundation, The Blake School and Grinnell College.

Crosby graduated from Yale University and received a Master of Business Administration degree from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.