Taking Stock With Teens® - Spring 2017

A collaborative consumer insights project

Since the survey’s inception 17 years ago, Piper Sandler has surveyed approximately 145,000 teens and collected more than 37 million data points on teen spending in fashion, beauty and personal care, digital media, food, gaming and entertainment. 

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Key findings from the survey in fashion, restaurants, consumer technology & e-commerce, and entertainment include the following:

  • Athletic wear is a multi-year trend versus a cycle and Nike remains the No. 1 apparel brand with 31% share – up from 21% last year.
  • 41% of teens named an athletic brand as their preferred apparel brand – (unaided) adidas shares hit a 10-year high for upper-income males.
  • The 90s: leggings/lululemon, chokers and Converse are the top three trends among upper-income females.
  • Brand perspective: the fastest growing brand in the survey is adidas while Patagonia surprised to upside.
  • Teens' favorite restaurant is now Chick-fil-A unseating Starbucks – Starbucks is still No. 1 among average-income teens.
  • Food makes up 24% of teen budgets today eclipsing clothing at 19%.
  • 81% of teens use Snapchat at least once per month as it continues to be the favorite social media platform in terms of use and preference.
  • iPhone ownership of 76% is our highest rating ever with upside remaining – 81% of teens say their next phone will be an iPhone.
  • Disney films dominated the most anticipated list with "Beauty and the Beast" at No. 2, "Star Wars and The Last Jedi" at No. 3 and "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" at No. 4 grabbing the top spots. "Fast 8" slotted for the No. 1 most anticipated movie.

About the Survey

The Taking Stock With Teens survey is a semi-annual research project comprised of gathering input from approximately 5,500 teens with an average age of 16.0 years. Teen spending patterns, fashion trends, and brand and media preferences were assessed through surveying a geographically diverse subset of high schools across the U.S.