A Culture of Partnership

Diversity & Inclusion

As a human capital organization, groupthink can be a threat to our business. That’s why diversity and inclusion (D&I) are vital to our business strategy.  

Valuing individual differences helps us to assemble the best possible teams and range of knowledge to fully understand the needs of our current and future clients. In everything we do — working in partnership with our clients and one another, recruiting the most qualified talent and serving our communities — each of us at Piper Sandler has a shared responsibility.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Mission

To recruit, develop, include, retain and engage a diverse, high-performing team.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Pledge

Our business demands bright, committed people working in partnership within an environment that prevents no person from doing their best work. We commit to encouraging and valuing inclusivity because every partner brings unique perspectives that help us better serve our clients. By fulfilling this pledge, we will exceed the expectations of our employees, clients and shareholders and in turn, deliver faster growth and higher returns.