Balance Sheet Strategies Group



Scott Hildenbrand
Head of Fixed Income Balance Sheet Strategy
212 466-7865

The balance sheet analysis and strategy group (BSAS) provides a holistic approach to balance sheet management, focused on building core franchise value for financial institutions.

To learn more, download the Balance Sheet Analysis and Strategy Group Services Overview.

Holistic approach to balance sheet management

  • Address each situation individually, using our comprehensive modeling capabilities of assets, liabilities, and interest rate derivatives to advise on the appropriate plan

Advisory culture

  • Clients gain the collective insight and experience of 30+ years of analyzing bank balance sheets

Our approach is our biggest strength

  • No bank is "one size fits all" – custom solutions to help clients build franchise value
  • Assessment of options within the context of overall balance sheet and strategic direction of the institution – focusing on earnings, interest rate risk, liquidity and capital


  • Deep understanding of full array of balance sheet management and risk mitigation strategies available
  • Asset/liability modeling and budget planning
  • Interpreting pending regulatory changes
  • Strategic opportunities in mergers, acquisitions, and capital raises

Collaboration with management

  • Open dialogue – leverage institutional strengths and minimize risks, determining which balance sheet efficiencies, if any, can be improved
  • Annual strategic planning summits and quarterly balance sheet reviews, as well as ALCO and Board education

Exposure to industry

  • National exposure to a broad array of institutions in competitive environment: Deep insight into industry trends and emerging topics
  • 20+ industry conferences and regional banking associations and forums over the past year
  • Published in trade journals and magazines