Financial Services

Publications and Reports


Our financial services group publishes reports on market trends, regulatory matters and other industry news.

Date Report
12/31/19 Monthly Asset Management Report
12/19/19 At Cliff’s Edge
10/31/19 Active Bank Consolidation Can Work Well for Investors
10/7/19 9th Inning Clean Up - Five Key Changes Emerge As Regulatory Relief Rules Are Finalized
6/18/19 Basel III Simplification Finalized as Expected
1/22/19 Fed Comment Letter – Regulatory Capital Rule: Capital Simplification for Qualifying Community Banking Organizations
1/19/19 2018 Asset Manager Transaction Review & 2019 Forecast
1/7/19 Regulatory Simplification/Accounting Complication
5/30/18 Bank Regulation Resizing
3/20/18 The Pendulum Swings