Do Not Email Registry


If you wish to unsubscribe from receiving all commercial email messages from Piper Sandler, please send an email to: asking to be added to the Do Not Email registry.

By adding your email address to the Do Not Email registry, you are instructing Piper Sandler to discontinue sending you all commercial email messages, including the following:

  • Email communications sent directly from individual Piper Sandler employees via the Piper Sandler corporate email network
  • Email newsletters from Piper Sandler Investment Research and Investment Banking (this includes electronic newsletters to which you had previously subscribed)
  • One-time email announcements of Piper Sandler transactions
  • Email invitations to events and conferences sponsored by Piper Sandler

If you would like to subscribe to emails from Piper Sandler, including from individual Piper Sandler employees, please send an email to: