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Andrew Baker

Managing Director, Fixed Income Sales
Fixed Income, Sales

Andy Baker is a managing director in the financial services group at Piper Sandler. In this role, he works with depository institutions, advising on balance sheet and investment strategies. He also works closely with asset managers, private equity and insurance companies, advising on capital markets analysis and execution. Baker focuses largely on structured finance, capital raising and real estate/consumer-focused asset sales and purchases.

Prior to joining the firm, Baker was a managing director of Sandler O’Neill + Partners since 2007. He started his career over 25 years ago at Bear Stearns as a mortgage specialist, and he brings experience from previous roles at Greenwich Capital, RFC and FTN Financial to Piper Sandler.

Baker holds a bachelor’s degree in real estate finance and marketing from the University of Connecticut. He holds an MBA from the University of Connecticut as well.