Carol Collias

Managing Director, Fixed Income Trading
Fixed Income, Trading

Carol Collias is the short-term tax-exempt municipal trader at Piper Sandler. She is responsible for trading all tax-exempt municipal bonds with maturities inside of five years, as well as all pre-refunded bonds and put bonds. In addition to her role as a secondary trader, Collias assists with competitive underwriting on all short structured national competitive sales.

Collias began her career as a part time municipal prospectus team member at Piper Sandler in October 1981. She held various roles on the municipal trading desk before moving to institutional sales, where she became a sales assistant and junior partner. In 1993, Collias returned to trading to manage the firm's VRDO book, which led to her trading all short-term municipal instruments. Collias left Piper Sandler for RBC in 2003, where she became the short-end trader, managing a $75M book. After a short time at Stifel Nicolaus, Collias returned to the Piper Sandler in February 2011, when she took on her current responsibilities and oversaw four regional traders.

Collias holds a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Minnesota.