Yasmeen Rahimi, Ph.D.

Sr. Research Analyst
Sector Expertise
Additional Expertise
Yasmeen Rahimi is a managing director and senior research analyst at Piper Sandler covering biotechnology. Prior to joining Piper Sandler in July 2020, Rahimi was a senior research analyst and co-head of biotechnology equity research team at ROTH Capital Partners. Before that, she worked as an equity research associate at H.C. Wainwright & Co. and Guggenheim Securities. Prior to making the transition to Wall Street, Rahimi was a research scientist at Shire Pharmaceuticals where she developed biomarker strategies for a number of rare disease programs; she has extensive expertise in liver metabolism. Rahimi trained as a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University in the laboratory of Gerald Shulman after completing her Ph.D. from Indiana University School of Medicine. In addition, she has a M.S. in bioanalytical chemistry from Purdue University and a joint B.A. in German and chemistry from Butler University.

Universe Coverage

ALGSAligos Therapeutics, Inc.
ALLKAllakos, Inc.
ALTAltimmune, Inc.
ANABAnaptysBio, Inc.
ARCTArcturus Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.
LIFEaTyr Pharma, Inc.
BNTCBenitec Biopharma, Inc.
CRNXCrinetics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
CYTKCytokinetics, Incorporated
DSGNDesign Therapeutics, Inc.
EWTXEdgewise Therapeutics, Inc.
GOSSGossamer Bio
IMUXImmunic, Inc.
IMVTImmunovant, Inc.
KRROKorro Bio, Inc.
LXRXLexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
LUMOLumos Pharma, Inc.
MDGLMadrigal Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
NAMSNewAmsterdam Pharma Co. NV
PLRXPliant Therapeutics, Inc.
PRAXPraxis Precision Medicines, Inc.
PRTAProthena Corporation plc
SAGESage Therapeutics, Inc.
SGMTSagimet Biosciences, Inc.
SVRASavara, Inc.
SLNOSoleno Therapeutics, Inc.
GPCRStructure Therapeutics, Inc.
TECXTectonic Therapeutic Inc.
TNYATenaya Therapeutics, Inc.
TRMLTourmaline Bio, Inc.
UNCYUnicycive Therapeutics, Inc.
VTYXVentyx Biosciences, Inc.
VRNAVerona Pharma Plc
ZURAZura Bio Ltd.