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Healthcare Funds

Piper Heartland Healthcare Capital, LLC

Piper Heartland Healthcare Capital aligns the knowledge, expertise and capital of Piper Sandler with the interests of our limited partners to invest in innovative healthcare companies at key moments in their growth path. This combination—knowledge, expertise, capital and alignment—allows Piper Heartland Healthcare Capital to pursue proprietary investment opportunities and deliver exceptional potential returns for investors.

Flagship Fund: The Piper Heartland Healthcare Crossover Fund

The Piper Heartland Healthcare Crossover Fund is a dedicated healthcare investment platform with over $200 million in committed capital, that focuses on innovative companies with near-term public markets prospects, driven by experienced management teams and backed by highly respected investment partners.

Building on the industry knowledge and capital markets expertise of Piper Sandler’s leading healthcare banking and research platforms, the Piper Heartland Healthcare Crossover Fund invests primarily in biotech, med-tech and healthcare information sectors.

Read the press release announcing the final closing of the fund.

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Piper Heartland Healthcare Capital Strategy

1. Access to the Leading Piper Sandler Healthcare Platform
  • Proprietary Deal Flow: Exclusive access to Piper Sandler healthcare relationships
  • Market Insights: Leader in healthcare capital markets & growth-stage M&A
  • Research Capabilities: 12 PhDs/research analysts on the team
  • Efficient Exits: Leading trading platform to maximize exit outcomes
2. Unique Approach to Participating in Investor Syndicates
  • Don’t Lead Deals: In order to minimize selection bias and creates valuation discipline
  • Flexible Investment Sizes: Matching each situation leading to inclusion
  • Portfolio Advisory: Lend Wall Street experience to provide unbiased and aligned counsel on financing and strategic decisions 
3. Portfolio Designed to Deliver Alpha Across Cycles
  • Broad Exposure to Growth Healthcare Verticals: Flexibility to invest across biotech, Med-Tech and HCIT as sector-wide challenges and opportunities emerge
  • Optimal Fund Size: Capital base designed to support curated portfolio that balances diversification with selective concentration
4. Balancing Liquidity Profile and Clinical Risk Exposure
  • Shorter Hold Time: 24 to 48-month target hold time per portfolio position
  • Managing Clinical Risk: Capturing value accretion while minimizing duration of exposure to key data readouts or clinical catalysts
  • Frequent Distributions: Exiting in a timely manner following IPO and not participating in long-term data risk 

Piper Sandler Healthcare Platform

Piper Sandler & Co. has been a leading strategic adviser in healthcare investment banking and underwriting for over 30 years. In addition to strategic and capital advisory services, Piper Sandler serves clients through an award-winning research platform, which publishes macro-economic, industry and company-specific research.


Bookrun public equity financings representing over $40 billion in capital*


Companies covered across all major healthcare subsectors by 12 senior research analysts

*As of 2010, healthcare companies

Current and Past Investments

Since inception, Piper Heartland Healthcare Capital has invested in the following companies:






Boundless Bio










The Piper Heartland Healthcare Capital Strategy provides investment advisory services through the registered investment adviser, Piper Heartland Healthcare Capital, LLC.