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Energy Sectors


Serving the largest segment within the broader energy sector, working with companies seeking to find, develop and produce hydrocarbons.

Upstream oil and gas participants include national oil companies (“NOCs”), divisions within major integrated energy companies, independent exploration and production companies as well as private and private equity backed operators. Upstream oil and gas businesses primarily generate revenue through the sale of hydrocarbons. These businesses are capital intensive, as significant investments are generally required to acquire and develop hydrocarbon reserves.

Upstream oil and gas companies often choose to target specific types of assets, often broadly categorized by location, reservoir type and percent developed:

  • Domestic or international
  • Onshore, shallow or deep water
  • Hydrocarbon weighting (oil vs. gas)
  • Conventional or unconventional
  • Primarily developed or primarily undeveloped

Our senior upstream bankers have experience advising a broad client base ranging from major integrated producers to privately-owned operators across all asset types.