"Phishing" and External Fraud

Piper Sandler’s name has apparently been used in a “phishing” scheme in which thieves claim to be Piper Sandler employees and offer fake investment opportunities or employment as a means to defraud potential victims. “Phishing” refers to fraudulent communications designed to trick potential victims into revealing their personal or financial information. Email is the most common means of phishing. Phishing emails may appear to be from legitimate financial firms. To appear genuine, these emails may contain copied logos and graphics, authentic looking information about “employees” of the firm, links to the firm’s real website, and fake email addresses that are deceptively similar to the firm’s real email address.

Thank you for contacting us about an unsolicited email or other communication you believe could be fraudulent. Piper Sandler diligently evaluates reports of potential fraud, and we take appropriate action if we find evidence of fraud.

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