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Financial Strategies Group

Expert solutions tailored to a diverse client set

We leverage our intellectual capital to provide a holistic approach to balance sheet management, focused on building core franchise value and value-added strategies. 


Speaking engagements at industry conferences, regional banking associations and forums in 2022


Dedicated professionals across
the U.S.


Average years of experience working with financial institutions, money managers and public entities

What we do

Complementary tactical expertise & advisory culture

  • Fixed income and derivatives: expertise in macroeconomics, strategic analytics, and hedging strategies
  • Deep understanding of balance sheet management and risk mitigation strategies

Holistic approach to balance sheet management

  • Custom solutions to help management teams build franchise value
  • Assessment of options within the context of overall balance sheet
  • Focus on earnings, interest rate risk, liquidity and capital

Collaboration with management

  • Annual strategic planning summits, quarterly balance sheet reviews, as well as ALCO, investment committee and board education
  • Asset / liability modeling and budget planning
  • Strategic opportunities in mergers, acquisitions and capital raising
  • Investment portfolio analytics & strategy
  • Pre-trade documentation and ongoing regulatory surveillance

Exposure to industry

  • National platform provides deep insight into industry trends across fixed income, investment banking and capital markets
  • Dozens of industry conferences, regional banking associations and forums each year
  • Countless authored distributions including publications in trade journals, multimedia news

Who we serve



Why partner with us?

We draw upon our expertise in macroeconomics, strategy and fixed income securities, along with our comprehensive modeling capabilities of assets, liabilities and interest rate derivatives to provide in-depth portfolio analysis and advisory services, ideas, market research and customized cash flow analysis. Our group is also highly collaborative with our investment banking, capital markets and fixed income trading teams, providing tailored solutions for your unique needs.



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