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Robo Global, LLC

Piper Sandler served as sell-side advisor for Robo Global on sale to VettaFi

Transaction Summary
ROBO Global
On April 6, 2023, VettaFi, LLC, a data analytics, digital distribution, and thought leadership company that helps asset managers, announced acquisition of the ROBO Global Index suite, boosting VettaFi’s full range of index solutions to more than $17 billion in ETFs and other investment vehicles. The transaction closed on April 6, 2023. 

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Robo Global, LLC
ROBO Global, LLC ("ROBO") indexes focus on helping investors capture the unique opportunities of fast-growing robotics, artificial intelligence, and healthcare technology companies around the world.  The suite includes the first benchmark indexes tracking the robotics and AI revolution for investors.  There are currently 15 products worldwide that license a ROBO Global benchmark.

VettaFi LLC ("VettaFi"), a data, analytics, and thought leadership company, is transforming financial services from an industry to a community—one relationship at a time.  Engaging millions of investors annually, VettaFi cultivates an industry leading data-driven platform, built to empower and educate the modern financial advisor and institutional investor.

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