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Paragon 28

Initial Public Offering

Paragon 28 is a leading medical device company exclusively focused on the foot and ankle orthopedic market and is dedicated to improving patient lives. The company’s innovative orthopedic solutions, procedural approaches and instrumentation cover a wide range of foot and ankle ailments including fracture fixation, hallux valgus (bunions), hammertoe, ankle, progressive collapsing foot deformity or flatfoot, charcot foot and orthobiologics. The company’s broad suite of surgical solutions comprises 72 product systems, including approximately 8,700 stock keeping units (“SKUs”) to help fit the specific needs of each patient and procedure. Paragon 28 designs each of its products with both the patient and surgeon in mind, with the goal of improving outcomes, reducing ailment recurrence and complication rates, and making the procedures simpler, consistent and reproducible.

Englewood, CO