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Piper Sandler logos and trademarks are used in connection with the products and services offered by Piper Sandler to signify the quality and excellence for which Piper Sandler is known. By virtue of the long and continuous use of its marks, Piper Sandler has obtained valuable rights that must be respected in order to maintain the integrity of our brands. Adherence to the following usage guidelines will help to maintain the integrity of our brands and preserve their value.

You may use Piper Sandler logos and trademarks to refer to Piper Sandler products in marketing and promotional literature, print materials and other media provided that:

  • You adhere to the Piper Sandler logo usage guidelines in the Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
  • You do not disparage Piper Sandler or Piper Sandler products and services
  • You do not imply a relationship or association with Piper Sandler that does not exist
  • You use appropriate notice on all trademarks and a footnote indicating that the trademark(s) is owned by Piper Sandler & Co.


Logo Formats

Piper Sandler Logo

Our standard logo displays the lettering in dark gray and the horizontal bar in blue. Please use this below version as often as possible.

Logo and Tagline
Piper Sandler Logo with Tagline

When using the logo and tagline lock-up, the tagline must have the ® symbol immediately after the word “partnership.” Do not add punctuation between the word “partnership” and the ® symbol.

Terms and Conditions

The Piper Sandler logo is a valuable brand asset and a form of intellectual property. The use of the logo must be truthful and not misleading. The logo may not be changed or altered in any way. You must agree to use only the graphic files supplied on this site according to the guidelines outlined in the Quick Reference Guide.

Piper Sandler reserves the right to approve or deny the use of the logo (size, surrounding text, etc.) to ensure that it complies with these rules and the guidelines outlined in the Quick Reference Guide. Piper Sandler reserves the right, at any time and without cause, to modify or suspend these policies and withdraw any permission granted under this Terms and Conditions agreement to use any Piper Sandler logo. Piper Sandler reserves the right to take action against any misuse or unfair, misleading, diluting or infringing use of our trademarks and logos.

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