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Equity Sales

A leader in the markets driving our economy

Our highly rated multigenerational sales team is a trusted partner of choice with an average tenure of more than 13+ years, including 25+ years among regional sales managers.

Equity sales combines deep expertise in both domestic and global markets with an award-winning, premier research brand. We provide a unique combination of generalist and specialty sales that ranked top 5 in multiple industry verticals. Bespoke events are facilitated by our sales team to provide our clients with the information and access they need. Services span a variety of geographies, sectors and client groups while supporting our full suite of investment banking products.

Specialty Sales

Specialty sales is comprised of industry-focused professionals who are experts in their field, delivering high-quality advice tailored to each clients’ niche in the marketplace. This level of focus creates robust capabilities in meetings clients’ expectation in terms of both product and service. Focus is supplemented with timing, as our event-driven team delivers actionable solutions to exploit current conditions.