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Macro Research

Serving our clients with actionable and insightful research

We empower our investors with focused, best-in-class macro research. Our analysts are top-ranked by Institutional Investor and utilize independent processes that provide impartial insights into economic trends, policy actions and political developments. 

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Nancy Lazar, Economics*

No. 3

Michael Kantrowitz, Portfolio Strategy*

No. 4

Andy Laperriere, Washington Policy*

No. 4

Craig Johnson, Technical Research*

Timely, Market-Oriented Analysis and Forecasts of the Global Economy

Concise, unique and unbiased. Our economics team focuses on the “must-know” aspects of macroeconomics for investors, presented in an accessible, easy-to-digest format. Whether from quick takes on data, or deep dives and forecasts, our clients benefit from timely, actionable reports.

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Portfolio Strategy
Mapping the Investment Landscape for Institutional Investors

The portfolio strategy team brings clarity to dynamic markets and evolving investor needs. The team’s process-driven approach provides forward-looking investment recommendations and insights across global financial markets including asset allocation, profit-cycle analysis and portfolio construction. Research includes weekly publications, thematic webinars and timely insights on event-driven issues.

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Portfolio Insights

Providing “Outside-the-Box” Solutions to Help Clients Implement Macro Views & Manage Portfolio Risk

The portfolio insights team provides an under-the hood analysis of what is driving market trends below the surface. The team provides timely and thematic research reports, customizable tools for portfolio analytics as well as interactive stock-selection screens.

Global Policy

Detailing Investment Implications of Global Monetary Policy Events

Our global policy team analyzes the market implications of various global developments, including the policy outlook for large central banks (e.g., Fed, ECB, BOJ, BOE and PBOC), fiscal policy decisions, elections in key foreign countries and more. The team produces timely and easy-to-read notes and quick takes aimed at helping our clients’ investment decisions in the areas of equities, fixed income and foreign exchange.

U.S. Policy

Covering U.S. Policy Issues Important to Investors

With regular reports covering the White House and Congress, our U.S. policy team brings to life current political developments impacting equities and fixed income. We study the economic implications of policy actions and their effects on market conditions to inform our clients’ investment decisions.


All Things Energy: From Oil to Natural Gas to the New Renewables and the Intersection of ESG & Energy

The macro energy team covers the supply & demand fundamentals and markets of energy-commodities as well as their political context and trends. Increasingly, this involves the environmental "E" part of ESG investing as well.

Technical Research

A Disciplined Approach to Defining Trend and Relative Strength

Through the lens of technical analysis, the technical research team provides market strategy, sector allocation, market studies, quantitative market analysis, inter-market analysis and individual stock ideas. The framework is based on the proprietary Piper Sandler MicroGroup Project, the most definitive relative strength and group work on Wall Street. The teams' research coverage includes U.S. equities, fixed income, commodities, currencies, crypto and select foreign markets. The team also manages the Piper Sandler Select Opportunities Fund (SOTOPUS).


*Source: Institutional Investor. As of 10/24/23