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One of the most tenured housing practices in the industry


In par amount of single family and multifamily housing transactions with 379 issues since 2020*


Dedicated housing and real-estate professionals


Years of experience serving a variety of clients in the housing sector

Offering comprehensive services to housing clients nationwide

We provide advisory and investment banking services to local finance agencies, developers, real estate management companies and owners/operators of affordable housing. Our practice is split between the affordable housing group and the state housing group. Both are driven by strong, long-lasting client relationships. 

*Multi-family and single-family housing transactions. Source: Thompson Reuters, 2018-2022, all roles and bid types.

**Competitive and negotiated long-term transactions. Source: Thompson Reuters as of 01/23/2023

What we do

State housing

We have served as an underwriter or financial advisor for housing programs with state housing finance agencies in 18 states over the past five years. Our team has also served a variety of local issuer and housing developer clients in both an underwriting and an advisory capacity.


Current client list:

  • Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
  • Idaho Housing and Finance Association
  • Illinois Housing Development Authority
  • Iowa Finance Authority
  • Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
  • Montana Board of Housing
  • North Dakota Housing Finance Agency
  • Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs
  • Oregon Housing and Community Services Department
  • Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
  • Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs
  • Vermont Housing Finance Agency
  • West Virginia Housing Development Fund

Affordable housing

Our affordable housing group offers innovative, objective and timely advice for real estate professionals looking to finance the acquisition, new construction, or refinancing of multifamily housing properties across the U.S.

We leverage our real estate knowledge and extensive network of investors to provide clients with tailored structures and executable advice to achieve the best pricing and terms for every transaction. 


Our clients include:

  • Real estate operators
  • Real estate developers
  • Real estate consultants
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Public housing authorities
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Why partner with us

Our 10-member housing and real estate group (including both single family housing and multi-family housing specialists) draws on the knowledge and resources of the firm's full service municipal trading desk, short-term municipal desk, as well as the derivatives and reinvestment team. The combination of our comprehensive HFA financial advisory experience with our strong market knowledge as an active underwriter allows us to provide optimal resources and services to our clients.

How can we help?

Please contact Melanie Johnson or Cody Wilson with questions.