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High-yield and specialty finance

Providing creative market solutions for complicated credits

No. 1

Underwriter in the nation for non-rated transactions in 2022*


In secondary trading volume in 2022


In more than 2,500 transactions since 2012

We handle transactions from the beginning to end and offer clients maximum flexibility in sourcing the lowest cost of capital, whether through a traditional underwriting or private placement. 

*Source: Bloomberg: Negotiated and Private Placement Calendar (CORN), January 1-0ecember 31, 2022

Our capabilities

A broad range of accounts

Our accounts include:

Comprehensive financing plans

Our holistic plans include:

  • Senior capital: Tax-exempt debt, taxable loan/debt and private placement
  • Non-senior capital: Project equity, subordinate/mezzanine debt and preferred equity/hybrids/warrants

Sector Coverage

Why partner with us?

Our team has unique expertise in monitoring municipal bonds and understanding municipal data. We do not just sell bonds to clients. Rather, we help clients comprehensively think through the entire decision-making process involved in a sale. We focus on each individual financing with the end goal of understanding the credit and ensuring the unique details are communicated and understood by potential investors. Our group offers holistic financing plans, including both senior and non-senior capital, and we provide clients with a complete solution and certainty of execution.

How can we help?

Please contact Kyle Javes with questions.