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Equity Private Placements

A leading practice assisting corporate clients in raising private equity capital


Professionals focused solely on private equity transactions


Private equity capital raised since 1998

Equity private placements is part of an integrated team of product experts dedicated to delivering comprehensive advisory services to the firm's private clients. Transaction sizes typically range from $30-100+ million to support late-stage growth, minority recaps, structured equity, acquisition capital and strategic financings. We leverage the experience and market knowledge gained across all focus industries. The group works in concert with our industry bankers to understand each client's distinct needs in order to tailor an effective and efficient fundraising process.

Leading Industry Domain Expertise

“We Open Investor Doors”

Piper Sandler adds value by introducing clients to a broad array of highly reputable investors. We open doors to well-known, brand name firms as well as highly specialized “off the beaten path” investors.

Private Equity/Venture Capital

Sovereign Wealth Funds

Structured Equity Investors

Crossover Investors

Family Offices

Strategic Investors