Electronic Trading

Electronic algorithmic trading capabilities

At Piper Sandler, we are working to be your partners in the electronic trading space. We offer a broad spectrum of integrated client solutions—including seamless and timely commission management services and soft dollar execution.  


To learn more about our electronic trading capabilities, contact:

Electronic Trading Desk
877 462-7649

Our superior service is led by a dedicated team of electronic trading professionals averaging 16 years of experience on the desk. We have experience in all standard electronic trading platforms, including algorithmic trading. More recently we've also launched a program trading desk to better serve our clients. Our full suite of electronic products includes:

Algorithmic Trading Strategies

  • VWAP: Executes on historical volume curve to minimize market impact and target VWAP.
  • TWAP: Spread taken evenly over time period.
  • Volume Tracker: Maintains participation percent of trading volume and smoothes volume spikes to avoid chasing blocks.
  • INLINE: Implementation shortfall/arrival price strategy.
  • Hornet: Aggressive sweeping order that never posts.
  • Fusion: Dark pool aggregation.
  • Scaling: Allows Volume Tracker and INLINE to increase or decrease participation based on market movements.

Portfolio Trading

Our team will partner with you to determine the risk profile and complexity of your portfolio, develop a cost estimate plan, execute based off the plan and analyze the results. We combine and leverage multiple liquidity sources, using our state-of-the-art order-placement strategies to deliver enhanced, value-added execution services. Our offering includes multifactor pre-trade analysis, customized trading strategies, intra-trade performance monitoring and detailed post-trade reporting.

Commission Management

Piper Sandler offers a state-of-the-art platform for those clients who use third-party services paid for with 28(e) eligible commissions. Commissions are accrued daily, viewable online and exportable to Microsoft Excel®. Commissions can be generated on any of the Piper Sandler equity trading desks including cash, algorithmic, program trading and DMA.